Inspired By Emily EP

by Danami

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This four song EP is dedicated to Emily King. These songs were written to my favorite tracks on Emily’s last project, The Seven EP. I wrote what came to mind and heart, without any concerns of perfection - solely focused on having fun with a mic in my bedroom, motivated by someone who is incredible.


released May 31, 2012

All instrumentation used courtesy of Emily's The Seven EP.



all rights reserved


Danami Saint Paul, Minnesota

Danami is Soul artist striving to change lives.

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Track Name: What We Gone Do
I wanna tell you something, but I'm afraid of the outcome
I'm afraid that you might run/
This little secrete has been sealed over time
Hiding in my pride/

Well alive in my eyes,
Maybe my pupils bigger than I can bear/
That's the price of what I'm about to share
Let me get to the point right here/

I got an eye for for you,
I ain't gonna lie to you/
I've been thinking bout doing more than talking
Us holding hands when were walking, fireworks sparking/

Caress you as your man even though I'm your friend
Should I stop making plans?/
Of us in my head while I'm laying in the bed
Replying cute things you done said/

Wondering where you all night
Are you with some other guy in his sight/
I think of my ex and how you know each other
And how it would be if she saw us together/

But hey that's life, so whatcha gone do
She'll be mad and I'll be with you/
The song goes on tear of boo hoo
But for now what we gone do/

So what we gone do 4x

Never mind the opposition
Realize the fun we've been missing/
Utilize your tongue when we're kissing
Feel the joy and pain as a piercing/

Let me whisper, get close
To your ear let me kiss ya/
You smell sweet, I love that
Oh your back hurt, I'll rub that/

Baby tell me where your heart at
Let me borrow that for a minute show you love that you never been in/
From the beginning you had feelings, showing signs
That I read but back then I was committed/

A one woman man, now I'm single
Tryna see what it could be with you and me, baby tell me what is gone be/
Feeling like a car on E,
But you fill me up your smile is lush/

I dig your touch, run your fingers through
My hair, you have my trust/
I give my heart
Now take advantage of the love that you never thought/

Or Foreseen, give me a chance you'll see
Why my ex might be jealous of you and me/
This is something that I really need, the play is on you
So what we gone do?

So what we gone do 4x